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cj   Ampersand Ave. Cropped Jacket
aars   Ampersand Ave. Ruffle Skirt
Aasals   Ampersand Ave. Sequin A-Line Skirt
bwss   Ampersand Ave. Striped Skirt
ycd   Ampersand Ave. Yacht Club Dress
ade   Arrow Drop Earrings
ab   Asymmetrical Bliss
bc2   Belted Capris
bfis   Birds of a Feather Infinity Scarf
bbtb   Black BowTie Bracelet
bs8   Blushed Shoes
br   Bow Ring
bse   Bow Stud Earrings (more colors)
bosn   Burst of Summer Necklace (other colors)
cmt   Cat's Meow Top
clr   Chain Link Ring - 3 color choices!
cstbg   Chevron Sheer Top
cris   Christmas Reindeer Infinity Scarf
cthb   Cindi Tote Handbag
colb   Circle of Love Bracelet
ccdb   Colored Crystal Dot Bracelet (other colors)
cbme   Crystal Beautiful Mess Earrings {final sale}
cbcn   Crystal Beauty Cluster Necklace
sbb   Crystal Dot Bracelet
cgb   Crystal Gem Bracelet
cgddn   Crystal Gem Double Drop Necklace
cgn   Crystal Gem Necklace
cimn   Crystal Initial Monogram Necklace
cln   Crystal Leaf Necklace
cpn   Crystal Promises Necklace
csn8   Crystal Spots Necklace (other colors)
cse   Crystal Spring Earrings
cvn   Crystal Vine Necklace
cnmn   Custom Name Monogram Necklace
cs12   Custom Stamp
cbmn4   Customized BLOCK Monogram Necklace
cmn   Customized Monogram Necklace
dlbn   Dainty Long Bow Necklace
dmjl   Daisy Mason Jar Lids
db001   Destiny Bracelet
dt   Dolman Top
ksi1   Double Drop Necklace - Lots of color choices!
dlcd   Double Layer Crystal Droplets
dtqk   Dreamcatcher Tee
dpn   Druzy Pendant Necklace
dbde   Dynamic ButtonDown - DownEast
enb   Enamel Link Bracelet
eccde   Everyday CrewNeck Cardigan - DownEast
fh   Fabric Headbands
fcn2   Falling Colors Bracelet
fpc   Fashion Phone Cases
fsln   Faux Stone Long Necklace
ft   Feather Tank
fttn   Flat Teethers - Teething Necklaces
fh3   Fleece Hoodie
lsh   Floppy Sun Hat
fdc   Floral Diaper Cover
lbe1   Floral Earrings
flhl   Floral Heel
gdc   Geometric Diaper Cover
ghr   Gigglosophy Heart Ring
go   Glitter Oxfords
gptn   Gold & Pearl Tassel Necklace
gsl   Gold Sequin Loafers
gtn   Gold Tassel Necklace
grttn   Graduated Round Teethers - Teething Necklaces
hse   Heart Stud Earrings
hpl   Hey Pretty Lady
hs4   Holiday Sparkle
id   Ice Drops
in1   Iced Necklace
jb   Jewelry Box
jmc   Jewelry of the Month Club!
kbklt   Keep Breathing Keep Loving Tee
kbh   Knitted Bow Headband
kfh   Knitted Flower Headband
kkh   Knitted Knot Headband
lh   Lace Headband
llb   Large Link Bracelet
lln2   Large Link Necklace (other colors)
lrttn   Large Round Teethers - Teething Necklaces
lbf   Leopard Ballet Flats
lf   Leopard Flats
ll   Leopard Loafer
lal   little anchor leggings
lbbs   little big bow shoes
lbl   Little Black Leggings
lbv   Little Boy Vest
lbd   little button dress
lft   Little Fashion Teethers
lncn   Look Neon Cluster Necklace
fl   Lulu Flats
mls   Maybe Later Sweatshirt
nsf   Navy Stripe Flats
nfn   Neon Flash Necklace
knb   Noddin' for Knobs
odis   Oh Deer! Infinity Scarf
ottn   Ombre Teethers - Teething Necklaces
plb   Pave Link Bracelets
pcb   Pearl Cluster Bracelet
pcn1   Pearl Cluster Necklace
ppn   Perfect Pendant Necklace
pse   Perfect Stud Earrings
pc   Phone Cases
ss4   Pocket Striped Sweater
pj   Printed Jumpsuit
rr   Rose Ring
sse   Saddle Shoes - Eugena
sptde   Salt & Pepper Top by DownEast
ssc   Sassy Sequin Clutch
sogs   Set of 4 Glamour Studs
stse   Set of Three - Stud Earrings
sbn   Shining Bright Necklace
ssmn   Sideways Single Monogram Necklace
soshta   Solid Sheer Tanks
sil   Sorry I'm Late
sils   Sorry I'm Late Sweatshirt
sccmn   Split Chain Customized Monogram Necklace
ssj   Spring Skinny Jeans
srcdn   Square & Rectangle Crystal Drop Necklace
scdn   Square Crystal Drop Necklace
sor   Stackable Oval Rings - set of 5
ssr   Stackable Square Rings - set of 5
sd   Stripes Dress
susw   Summer Swingin'
spd   Suspender Dress
sn   Sweethearts Necklace
tboc   Tassel Bracelet (other colors)
tjb   Teething Jewelry Bracelet
tcn   The Cassidy Necklace
tgt   The Golden Ticket
tkd   The Kate Dress
tln8   The Lexi Necklace
tlb   The Linley Bracelet
tln9   The Linley Necklace
tlb7   The Lottie Bracelet
tln4   The Lucy Necklace
trn   The Rachel Necklace
ttf   The Tortoise Flower
tlt   Tiny Little Teethers - Teething Necklaces
tln   Triple Layer Necklace
tcn5   Triple Triangle Necklace
tlgn   Two-Layer Geo Necklace
ulc   UnLove Cards - set of 10
wts   Washi Tape Surprise!
wcttn   White & Color Teethers - Teething Necklaces
wccnbs   White Crystal Cupcake Necklace & Bracelet Set
wns   White Night Sweater
wmt   Wifey Material Tee
wt   Wifey Tee
wwh   Wire Wrap Headbands
wn   Woven Necklace
xo   X's and O's
zthb   Zoey Tote Handbag

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